After getting an email from yet another person who enjoyed the original Seaside Racing back when it was released on the Xbox 360 in 2010, I decided to start working on a PC port last summer. After a few months of part-time work, it is finally done!

Check it out on here:

The gameplay should be exactly the same as the original and the graphics a bit better. The Xbox avatars have been replaced by my own set of randomly generated characters that look just mad enough. There is both keyboard and gamepad support now and there is also an option for 2 players to share a gamepad (in case you have fewer gamepads than players on the couch). There are also some small improvements: You can now see if someone is spectating (and waiting to join) and the host also has the ability to restart a race early (to let spectators into the game).

Most of the work I did was on the networking backend, I used the excellent MonoGame framework to replace the deprecated XNA framework and it worked very well for the most part, but the networking had to be re-written from scratch. Other Xbox Live Indie Games that supported networking should be able to use my work, please let me know if you know of any!