Sharp Shadows Toolkit

The Sharp Shadows Toolkit is a code package that brings sharp, pixel-perfect shadows to your Lightweight/Universal Render Pipeline project. Many games and experiences target a non-photo-realistic art style for which sharp shadows are better suited than the built-in shadows that tend to be either too soft or too jagged, especially on low quality settings.

The toolkit can be useful in a wide variety of scenarios, from a single accurate drop-shadow for the main character in a mobile game to ubiquitous high quality shadows for an architecture visualization project.


Current Limitations

Important note on URP 7.2 and up Unity changed the way shadows are handled in Universal Render Pipeline (URP) version 7.2 and up and as a result, the Inject Into Screen Space Shadow Resolve Texture render mode no longer works in these versions. The Multiply Scene After Opaque is unaffected by the changes and works properly. I’m currently thinking of ways to fix this.