uxnfloppy is a bootable Uxn/Varvara emulator/operating system that aims to be able to run graphical Uxn roms on any x86 computer built since the early 90s using only a floppy disk or thumb drive, no pre-installed operating system necessary.

The project is written in 16bit x86 assembly targetting BIOS and uses VGA for graphics and PS/2 for mouse and keyboard input. It’s not portable to other architectures (such as ARM) or the newest PCs (that lack legacy BIOS support), but it has been a great learning experience and I actually like the fact that it only works on what’s usually called “obsolete tech”, especially in the light of the massive e-waste problem.

The project is currently very work-in-progress, but I will create a public open-source repository once it’s a bit more feature complete and cleaned up.