Shadow Volumes Toolkit

This package is DEPRECATED See the Sharp Shadows Toolkit for modern alternative!

The Shadow Volumes Toolkit adds dynamic, pixel-perfect shadows to your projects. Use the Quick Shadow Setup dialog to instantly add shadows to your game objects, specify light/shadow properties and see the results in real-time. The toolkit supports all three Unity light types and any mesh can act as a shadow caster.


  • Dynamic, pixel-perfect shadows based on the Shadow Volume algorithm
  • Stencil buffer support in Unity 4.2
  • Supports all three Unity light types
  • Supports skinned meshes
  • Works even when the camera is in shadow
  • No scripting required

The toolkit is not…

  • a complete renderer
  • a replacement for Unity Pro lighting/shadows
  • using the patented depth-fail technique


  • Antialiasing only works with the Stencil Buffer backend
  • Best performance is achieved with 2-manifold/closed source meshes
  • Only a single light can cast shadows at any given moment
  • Custom vertex shaders won’t affect shadows